In a world where a lot of the time the public are treat like a number …shoved from pillar to post from telephone menu to telephone menu…a world where some companies customer service is almost non existent ….and where you seem to speak to different person every time you ring the company…………….well can I give you this is my guarantee………..should you ever have to engage my services you will at all times be given a first class service……. .treat with the highest of respect and be given my best professional advice….

Engaging the wrong people can lead to stress… chaos and financial loss………………..buyer beware!!

I personally am very very careful who I engage to do business with ………initially I trust no one …. ……….whether it’s the person servicing my car….what restaurant I visit….who cuts my hair…who mends my bad back……and especially who gives me financial advice……does the person who you are dealing with carry any professional indemnity insurance……are they trained to the highest standards?

Trust and Respect has to be earned……

Who would you choose to write your Will?

Buyer Beware!

A recent survey conducted by Lightspeed Research concluded that 66% of people surveyed were not aware Will writing companies are not required to carry Insurance.

Essential Wills does have the necessary insurance in place.

59% of people surveyed did not know that Will writers have to have training or qualifications.

Essential Wills engages in ongoing comprehensive continue professional development and has qualifications in place.

74% of people surveyed said they did not know Will writing companies were unregulated.

Essential Wills is self regulated and a full member of the Society of Will Writers

Who you engage to write your Will could mean the difference between being very happy with a professional service or experiencing mistakes and bad advice resulting in stress.. chaos and financial loss.


All wills produced carry a £2.5m level of professional indemnity insurance.


Essential Wills is a member of The Society of Will Writers and operates within the society’s Code of Practice.

Professional Development

We keep up to date with all legislative and the Estate Planning sector changes.

Setting up a Will is never easy, but with David’s input we discussed scenarios we never even thought about. His knowledge and explanation made our decision a lot easier.

Anja & Roland Reay

I found the Wills service provided was extremely professional, efficient & simple.
This took all of the confusion and complexity out of this process and left us feeling much more confident & content.

Ian & Deb Innes

I found the service from David to be first class, we felt as though he had our very best interests at heart. The whole process was straightforward and not all time consuming. Thank you again David for looking after us.

Gary Ward